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10 Ways How Graduating Students Can Survive Quarantine

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The lost college days, missed farewells and rising unemployment anxieties. There’s nobody else dreading this quarantine person more than the batch of 2020. From the chosen sarees to after-parties we had it all planned but the sudden change of events due to novel Coronavirus has so many of us depressed and agitated. A silver lining being there with everything, it’s time we use it to the best too.

Here are some ways how graduating students can utilise their time

1. Build your Profile

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With your life’s next big step at your foot and Corona being the Lakshman Rekha you’ve been spared with a lot of time in your hand. Use this to review your resume, cover letter and most of all your personality. It is imperative to work on your interview as well as soft skills.

10 ways how Graduating Students can survive Quarantine
10 ways how Graduating Students can survive Quarantine   Image Source: https://blogin.co/blog/how-to-communicate-and-build-integrity-with-a-professional-online-profile-213/


2. Online Courses and Skill Building 

10 ways how Graduating Students can survive Quarantine
Image Source:https://er.educause.edu/blogs/2019/5/a-human-centered-approach-to-empowering-faculty-for-excellence-in-online-course-design
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Many companies and organisation looking for freshers who are skilful rather than high markers. Online courses can be engaging as well as skilful. From memorising to creative writing to digital marketing, various apps and websites provide hundreds of courses that can help you in your career ahead.  It is essential as a fresher to work on skills that are vogue and can be used globally.

3. Filtering Social Media

10 ways how Graduating Students can survive Quarantine
Image Source:https://dribbble.com/shots/5089720-Social-media-pack-illustration

However, in 21st century social plays a crucial role in judging a person. You might have above 300 likes on that beer chugging video of yours, but your boss might not possibly be fond of it. The kind of photos posted to your opinions shared is taken seriously as a judgment of your character by the companies. Use this time to filter your social media rather than your photos.

4. Listen To Your Calling

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You might in a lot of dilemma and confusion as to what next?

10 ways how Graduating Students can survive Quarantine
Image source: https://yourdost.com/blog/2016/04/listen-to-your-heart.html

Fruitfully using this time and researching over your interests, various career paths and some of your favourite subjects can help you realise your calling. Even if you have applied in various institutions, research your courses. Are the courses aligning with your values and goals? Do they provide good placement? Are they going to lead you with a job with a leading industry in the coming future? However, the most important bottom line being, does your heart say YES with No Doubts?

5. The Hobby Escape

10 ways how Graduating Students can survive Quarantine
Image Source: https://www.business2community.com/human-resources/6-ways-hobbies-can-advance-career-01431534

In a world full of pressure and deadline, hobbies act as an escape. Remember that old you left amid assignments and internals. Even if you did not have a hobby, you have 21 days to learn one. From cooking, stitching, blogging to your tubing, baking to what not explore the world but from that one corner of your house. Plus it looks good on the resume.

6. Read, Read and Read

Building your vocabulary to opening new horizons, reading is the most and most essential of all. Reading not only makes you aware but also helps to self-reflect and form opinions. A good fresher is one that is aware and well-read and well-spoken and opinionated

10 ways how Graduating Students can survive Quarantine
Image Source: https://writingcooperative.com/

7. Text That Crush or That One Person You Were Always Intimated By

10 ways how Graduating Students can survive Quarantine
Image Source:Shutterstock

Your last days are crashing in quarantine, you might or might not even see that person. Why not text a simple hi!? This might be your last and the safest chance.

8. Meditate

Practising mindfulness aligns you with yourself and the universe. Brings you mental peace and better decision making power. Download some guided meditation apps or watch youtube videos. 21days devoted to inner conscience.

10 ways how Graduating Students can survive Quarantine
Image Source: Freepik

9. Connection and Gratification

10 ways how Graduating Students can survive Quarantine
Image Source:https://www.redbookmag.com/life/g29802222/positive-benefits-of-holiday-family-time/

Three years of your life, so many people came and went adding up to the beautiful person you are now. Connect with them over virtual coffee, write letters, drop one good morning text. You might even move to another city or country in future, use this time with your family over a game of Ludo, cards. Show yourself some gratitude as well.

10. Netflix and chill Relax

It’s the perfect situation

No assignment deadline

No internals

No morning classes

Binge your night away with series, movies, DIYs. Sleep through the day for this is the time to take back all the ‘all-nighters’ you pulled. Give yourself DIY spa, move around in your PJs whole day and just chill, just chill….

10 ways how Graduating Students can survive Quarantine
Image Source: https://www.teepublic.com/poster-and-art/6415204-netflix-says-relax

Although this might not be a utopian situation for you

Just keep in mind

You’ll be remembered in history.

Image Source – Freepik

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