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7 Crappy Innovations That Will Make You Question The Sanity Of Human Kind

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Ever came across stuff that makes you ask yourself if you really need it? Like, life wouldn’t be very difficult without it. But have you ever come across stuff that would make you question the sanity of human kind?? Yeah, not kidding.

We bring to you a list of innovations which will make you want to change your (or better, the innovators’) species.

1. Air conditioned shoes.

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Imagine yourself standing in a desert on hot day. Now your only concern would be finding water because your burning feet are taken care of already! But wait. If you’re imagining you have shoes with miniature ACs installed, you’re mistaken. They’re shoes with HOLES! Yeah, $75 for that crap.

2. Butter-stick.

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Inspired by Fevistick, we present to you BUTTER STICK! *applause and hooting in the background *
I know using butter can be messy, but butter stick??!

3. Diet Water. 

’cause water may contain indigestible fats, cholesterol and calories which can totally destroy your diet. *slow claps*

4. Better Marriage Blankets.

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If you have a bad stomach and you can’t help emitting poisonous gases, use this fantastic innovation which claims that using it would cause a marriage hold over. It basically doesn’t let the odour escape.
P.S. I think I found the ideal gift for the next marriage I’m going to attend.

5. Remote Wrangler.

Scared of loosing your remote controls? Like dead scared? Because only then you can possibly justify people roaming around with remotes stuck on their heads.

6. Handerpants.

I don’t even know what to say about something so ridiculous. ?

7. Steve Jobs pillow.

All the Apple lover’s out there, go get this pillow-thingy to sleep on. But oh! Throwboy Pillows produced them only as a limited edition. That’s right, LIMITED EDITION. I can almost see people flooding the showrooms and falling on each other just to get one of these beauties.

(Oh and BTW, don’t forget to tag an iPhone lover. :3)

(Images Source: Google) 

That’s all for today folks.
For more such crappy innovations, stay tuned! ?

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