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Apps That Every College Student Must Download ASAP

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    So let’s begin by congratulating you for successfully managing to get into your dream college, or any college, for that matter (as much as you underrate it, it’s an achievement to get a college in a country with such humongous a population, so cheers! ) Along with the new friends, lifestyle, teachers, freedom etc. that college brings with it, many students luck out with new phones. But here’s the thing. What’s the point of spending amounts on pricey phones if you don’t know how to make the most of it? Since college isn’t exactly a cakewalk, you need to know how to have your way in various situations in a cost-effective manner. Your phone might just do the trick for you. Check out how.
  1. Apps to wake you up

Yes. These generous apps will make sure that you attend the 8:30 a.m. lecture more than twice this semester. Alarmy (Sleep if you can) is one such app. You’ll have to take a particular picture, solve a maths problem or shake your phone a plenteous number of times to turn the alarm off. Another one is the Sleep Cycle alarm clock. This intelligent app analyzes your sleep and wakes you up in your lightest sleep phase so that you make it out of the bed relaxed and refreshed.

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2. Apps to find internships

Because hopefully, you don’t wanna have just the degree in your hand after you’re out of your college. Internshala and Letsintern are popular apps which will help you find the right internship. You just need to create a profile and start browsing through the different kind of opportunities that the above said two offer.

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3. Apps to stay updated 

Disclaimer : None of your claims about how college makes one a busy-bee and that there’ll be no time to read the news are gonna work here.

Like it or not, you gotta stay updated with the happenings around the globe if you want to reach heights. As much as this disheartens you, chin up because you don’t need to skim through the boring pages of those God-forsaken newspapers for that. Just download a news app like Hindu or Inshorts to stay up-to-date on the go.



4. Apps for money management 

Just as Uncle Ben said, “With great power, comes great responsibility”, college also brings quite a lot of freedom with it. By freedom, we also mean the freedom to spend your money the way you want to. You don’t want to feel bad by mismanaging your finances and having to face bankruptcy, do you? Neither are you so fond of that deathstare your parents give you in such a situation. But forget everything because 21st century is here to solve your problems. Just download Spendee app to simply track your everyday expenses so that you can know where all that money is going and optimise your budget accordingly.

Another boon of an app is Splitwise. This gorgeous app is a superb way of sharing bills and IOUs and also saves you from the mortifying task of reminding your groupmates to pay you back and does that itself with an automatic email. What else could you wish for?



5. Apps to enhance General Knowledge and Vocabulary 

Come on! You don’t want to be the one who keeps silent when the group breaks into a discussion about how ISIS has become the largest threat to world peace today, right? So instead of dropping your chins, browse through the plethora of apps that can help you enhance your GK tremendously. Quora, General Knowledge – World GK, and Daily Current Affairs and GK are a few of them. Now, coming on to the vocabulary part, Vocab Builder is an amazing app that’ll help you build your vocabulary in a fun way. For those eyeing IELTS/GRE, this one is a must-have.


6. Dropbox

Imagine what will happen if one day, you lose your phone and suddenly the realisation ¬†that you don’t have a backup of whatever documents, pictures or videos were there in the phone dawns upon you. Shudders just went through your spine, right? Now, what if we tell you that there’s an app which can keep all your docs, files, videos, etc. safely backed up and you can access them from any of your devices and even share large files with your peers? That’s Dropbox for you.



7.Chegg Textbooks & Study Help

Chegg Textbooks & Study Help is a promising app that offers instant study and homework help and e-textbooks. Want more? You can even buy or rent textbooks for any class and save up to 90‚ÑÖ. No one’s kidding.



8. Apps to get food, grocery delivered

Attention, outstation students! You must’ve heard about Foodpanda. Now, get it downloaded in your phone to worship it as and when your hostel/PG food crosses all limits of obscenity. If you want to get groceries, fruits, vegetables and cakes delivered, Grofers – Online Grocery¬†is the app for you.

And for those of us who are into, ahem, studying during the night hours, Bats On Delivery is ready to befriend you. From food to driver at night, this one’s certainly a delight.



So these were some of the applications that can make the best years of your life hassle-free. Download right away!

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