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Career Possibilities After Graduation In English Honours

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Completing graduation in English Honours opens up a plethora of opportunities. Knowing how to speak and impress by impeccable use of vocabulary. English graduates have their way open to diverse fields than just limiting oneself to common fields such as Civil services or Lecturer.

Here are a few career possibilities that one can consider after graduating in English :-

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1.  Language Translators - 

Language Transalor

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This is one field that a English graduate can consider as it requires the skill to understand the language comprehensively and the culture that accompanies the language. Also, Indians are by birth bound to be atleast bilingual which helps us to be a better Translator as we are proficient in many diverse languages with different cultural background.

2.  Professional Writing - 

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One can take up writing in columns, magazines, blog posts, newspapers or start writing a book .

Professional Writer

Writing has evolved over time with advent in technology as now it is easier to reach to a larger audience by print and digital media.

3. Content Writer & Editor –

Content WriterIf you really know to play with the words and can write a piece of article that can appeal masses you  can definitely be a content writer. Content writers are required in every company and write on varied subjects such as education, lifestyle, health, fashion. Or if you really fancy the corporate world, the e-business firms and MNCs are always offering jobs for professional write-ups and web pages.

4. Social Media Marketing –

Social media marketing

Do you still think that scrolling through the facebook feed is your good-for-nothing activity. Then maybe you can make a career out of it. Your proficiency in both writing and reading can be used to market brands on these social media platforms without feeling the burden of work.

5. Mass communication –

Mass communicationIf you think you are creative and sharp enough to come up with unique ideas and look at things from a unconventional approach, Mass communication can be brilliant stream for you. Become aware of the technical and creative aspects of a medium which is used for information transmission. This field is all open to creative unique ideas that can change the appeal of anything in market.

6. Subtitle specialists –

Subtitle specialistsIf you love watching films/TV shows and we mean anything that crosses your eyes, with your strong command over language, you can opt for this job. The only thing you would require is to be patient enough to replay a single scene dozen of times and still not losing it. It’s a fun but time-consuming and unpredictable job!

7. Event Management –

Event ManagementIf you have the knack for management in real practical world, you can always join an event management firm or start one on your own. You will never fall short of such events as be it corporate or other private events one always have plethora of options to choose from. All you need is proficiency in verbal and written language and management skills.

And the list still does not close here. Though these options are approached by students all over other disciplines but always remember that  the knowledge and command over one of the most spoken and widely written language can get you to height of your career.

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