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New Normal: Celebrating a Safe and Covid-Free Holi

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Holi is the festival of colors and fun. No matter what the people say, it is not the bhang but the vibrancy of this day that fills every street with a rainbow-like mist and fogs you away from the harsh deadlines and pressures of life. What it shouldn’t fog you away from, however, is the pandemic. Celebrating Holi publicly by coloring the faces of strangers and exchanging a friendly Gujia sounds good on paper, but in a pandemic it wouldn’t mean anything but plain stupidity. This does not mean that you have to remain aloof of the happiness the festival offers. We have come up with a few ideas and would like to share them with you all.

  • Celebrate Holi With Your Immediate Family

Do not step out or invite people in from the outside world. But if you really want to have a celebration, play Holi with the good old fam. If you do not have Gulaal at home, stick with turmeric, wheat flour and ‘tika’.

  • Have A ‘Zoom Dance-Party’ With Your Friends
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Holi is all about fun, and even if you can’t go out, you can still make it fun. Zoom Parties aren’t alien concepts anymore. So, play some Dhinchak Holi songs and groove to the beats with your social buddies in the comfort and safety of your house.

  • Prepare Holi Sweets at Home

It does not feel like Holi if there are no Samosas to binge on and Gujias to savour your sweet tooth. And how can we forget the famous Thandai to chug it all in? Well, without Holi parties there is a decent chance that you might miss these delicacies. Preparing them at home will not only help you occupy yourself, but you might get to spend some quality time while cooking. Help yourself with some YouTube videos, and of course, be prepared to be scolded by your mom.

  • The Classic: Netflix and Binge
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Relax and re-watch some of your old favourite movies and shows with your family or alone. Do what pleases you as you deserve this break. (YJHD is a classic, and it does not make you basic to enjoy this treat and groove your feet to balam pichkaari)

  • Paint someone’s day in Yellow

Too many people have helped you in dealing with the pandemic. Take a moment and help someone in need. Be it a total stranger or your housemaid. Be it the street sweeper or a just another delivery guy. Help someone or do an act of kindness to paint their grey lives a little yellow.

  • Water cannons and ‘Pichkaari’ Guns are your new best friend
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Who said fun wasn’t allowed? To take a small snippet from your childhood memories, may I suggest a little socially-distanced game of water tag. Load your cavalry and arm the taps; steady the balloons because your younger sister can and will steal your gentry. Onward, my warriors, let’s do this Holi right.

You can stick by this little list we made, or indulge us with your own creative ideas! Bottom line is – have a safe and Happy Holi!

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