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Chocolate Lollipops Recipe For All Chocolate Lovers Out There

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Here’s a  quick and easy recipe that does not require baking . Chocolates and sweets are all-time favourites. So let’s start making Chocolate Lollipops or say Oreo Balls. For this delicacy, even kids can easily contribute to the kitchen and it’s perfect to be served as desserts.  These DIY sweets can also be tried for birthday parties and/or for handing over these great and delicious lollipops as a present.


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25 Oreo Biscuits

2 Teaspoon cocoa powder

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250 g condensed milk

1 tablespoon butter

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White/brown chocolate compound

Sprinkles/choco chips/chocolate ganache/coconut powder (optional)

Toothpick (optional)


Put the biscuits into a mixer and crush by pressing Turbo 10-12 times (until it resembles a fine powder). Transfer these powdered biscuits into a large-sized bowl. Add cocoa powder and mix the two properly. Gradually, add condensed milk to this mixture and stir until all the lumps get dissolved. Make a dough with normal consistency and cover the bowl with lid for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, melt the chocolate compound either in a double boiler or heat it in an oven. Add butter by stirring it continuously. Remove melted chocolate from the flame, leave it for 90 seconds and stir it again.


After 10 minutes, knead the dough again and divide it into equal pieces (according to the size required) and roll them into balls or laddus. Insert the toothpick and roll these balls in the melted chocolate and transfer it on the plate. Let it sit for a while. Now garnish it as per your choice. Add either some sprinkles or some choco chips over it. You can also spread the ganache or grated flavored chocolate (white if the coating is brown and vice-versa) or add powdered coconut over it. There you have an incredibly mouth-watering dessert ready.  You can even store these in the refrigerator for a week. 

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