Depression In Young Adults Is A Major Problem & Its Time We Recognise It

Depression In Young Adults Is A Major Problem & Its Time We Recognise It

Are you Healthy?

How healthy is your mind?

Do you seem to be stuck somewhere back and forth?

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20.5 Million Students are pursuing their graduation worldwide. Millions of minds processing billions of thoughts, all with buzzing thoughts, some similar, many different.

College is as wondrous as the feeling of something growing inside you, like a flower. But what if  that something is Depression/ Anxiety growing in us? Let us understand this in a better way.

Dividing the depression underneath-

Basis of Talent

  • Above Average – These are the students who seem to be good at riding their luck. These students are smart, intelligent, intellectual and have thorough command over their lives. They are the ones who are considered to be perfectionists and a Jack-Of-All-Trades. And no doubt, they work hard to get where they are too. These students are prone to depression and anxiety. Often these students are conscious of their image and performance, inter-relationships, problems and many have a constant fear of getting behind.
  • Average- These students put in their heart and mind in hard work. They know hard work is the key to success but are unable to reach their expected goal. They are usually afraid that they might be hit by bad score setback.

Basis of Economical stature 

  • Not well off students- The students who do not belong to a decent economic background and well settled family are often found in deep thoughts of surviving this fast-paced world. Achieving their goals gives them a hard time. This might lend air to depression.
  • Richer- They have everything financially, and it feels like they are the ones running the world. But that doesn’t mean they’re free mentally. They’re still capable of being susceptible to fear, anxiety and depression.

Basis of Actions

  • It can feel confusing within the diversity promoted by college; the superiority in seniors and modesty of juniors. Often this creates a feeling of loneliness, and in extreme cases creates an environment of bullying.
  • Homesickness and separation anxiety is common among college students. They do not feel like leaving their comfort zone and aftermath is they end up being very conservative and feel ostracized and isolated.
  • At times like these, we must always remember that we aren’t alone in what we think and feel. Do not hesitate to speak out your feelings or confide in your trusted and loved ones. Life may not be perfect, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a beautiful journey.

It is a Re-building year, Let’s Re-build ourselves.


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