DU Admissions 2017: Many National and Zonal level players declared ineligible for trials

DU Admissions 2017: Sports And ECA Can Help You Get An Entry To Delhi University

As the sports trials were all set to begin from 27th June, all the applicants were eagerly waiting for their certificate marks to appear on their dashboard online,but all that some of them got was a strange combination of surprise and shock,the latter being something the university has been serving quite frequently these days.

As reported, a lot of National and Zonal level players have been denied a chance to appear at the sports trials. The players were left baffled as they read “Not Eligible” against the Certificate Marks on their dashboard. A big number of students will not be able to appear in the sports trials as the university has declared them ineligible. The certificate marks have a 40% weightage in the sports admissions.

The university had already given guidelines regarding the admissions in sports category. The admissions are to be made in two categories: Direct and trial based. The students who have represented India in the mentioned sports are eligible for direct admission. Now, since the international players are eligible for direct admission, the national players being denied the chance of giving trials doesn’t make sense.This ineligibility has struck many students as a big surprise as they were almost sure of their eligibility of the trials.

There has been no official statement made by the university over this issue,which has left the students very confused and scared of losing their chance of getting admission in their dream college. The fact that many students have appeared for the trials with the same level of certificates in the past makes this ineligibility even more difficult to be gulped.

No matter what, the students are left heartbroken after finding out that they won’t be able to appear for the trials. This is something that has not happened over the years. Students with zonal and school national level certificates have always been giving trials. Therefore, the students might have been sure of their eligibility and might have even started practicing.

Since there has been no official statement made, one can only imagine the reasons behind this. One possible reason is a huge number of applications forcing the university to be a little strict with the certificates in some sports. However, it can be surely said that it would not have been very pleasing for a player to come home from practice and find out that his skills will not even be tested!

“My sister has a zonal level certificate issued in 2015 and her best friend has a national level certificate issued within the mentioned time period but the portal is showing both of them ineligible. We’ve train tickets booked for Delhi tomorrow morning and now have no idea of what we should do” said an aspirants brother hailing from Kanpur.

“I’ve a National level certificate issued in the year 2016 and I was declared ineligible by the university for trials yesterday.I’m at the sports trial venue right now and not answering anything.They have asked me to contact Delhi University but they aren’t picking calls on any number” said an aspirant.


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