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Fashion Tips : How To Carry Yourself In College

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Girls,one thing we all share in common is the line we all tell ourselves every morning in front of the wardrobe or every night before going to sleep (for super organised people like me) – “What should I wear to college?”
No one likes repeating outfits and most of us face the mini breakdown when we have *nothing* to wear. So just in case, you are wondering how to dress up for college,because now that there’s no uniform,it is up to us how we carry ourselves to make that first impression
  1. Follow The Latest Trend Or Go Evergreen


For starters,  you can obviously wear anything you want to keeping in mind what suits you and what is trending. A sensible dressing sense is your way to go.  You can look a bomb in clothes from Sarojni Nagar market and also absolutely tacky in branded clothing. It solely depends on how wisely you dress.
  1. Accessorize


Your look is incomplete without accessories. From a tiny nose ring to a choker to dangling earrings to the silver rings in your fingers. Everything adds to your look.¬† Just remember not to wear everything at once, or you might end up spoiling your look.¬† If your earrings are long and touch your neck,don’t wear anything in the neck. Accessories attract attention. Accessorize the part of your body which you want to flaunt.
  1. The Right Bagnew-ladies-or-girls-cute-butterfly-satchel-in-4-wondeful-colours-wipe-clean-oilcloth-design-ideal-for-school-or-uni-from-accessorize-me_2658417

You can switch between 2 to 3 bags to college but make sure your bag is according to your body. Short girls should not go for big tote bags but compact handbags which don’t overpower your look.¬† Sling bags are a must. The length and strap width again should be according to your height and physique to look perfect.¬† Tan,brown and black bags blend with every outfit and it would be wise decision to invest in those colour rather than blocking bright shades of bags.
  1. Footwear


Comfort and style.¬† If your shoes give you these two things, They’re fit for college. Wedge heels are the best for the heel lovers.¬† Strapped flat chappals or trendy flip flops in my opinion are the most college friendly.¬† In summers Balerinas and boots might make you feel hot and give you shoe bites,¬† so save them for winters. Make sure the colour of your footwear blends with your outfit.¬† And just like bags, blacks and tan brown footwear goes with everything. Try to match your shoes with one of your accessories. And when in doubt,¬† go for white sneakers.
  1. Make Up


K.I. S. S – keep it simple silly. Basic make up like kajal /liner along with your lip balm or pleasant lip shades like pinks peach, or coral will do wonders. Your look in college is casual, so should your make up be.

    6.Mix & Match

We hate repeating outfits,but we have to because we are not Suri cruise. The key is to repeat it in a way that even if your top is the same,your look is different. The white top you wore once with blue jeans can be repeated after 2 weeks with your shorts or leggings.  Make sure to change your look every time you repeat. Accessorize differently.  Your hair are also your accessory. The way you style it,changes your appearance. So opt for a different hair style every time you repeat. The idea is to be the same person and still have a hundred looks.
  1. Layering

Adding a layer of scarf, shrug, a shirt or a jacket on your regular tops gives you a chic look. So when you have nothing to wear,try layering your repeated outfits for a completely new look.
  1. A Great Fragrance


The way you smell makes all the difference in your appeal. In summers always carry a miniature body mist in your bag to smell perfect despite hot and humid summers.
  1. Confidence Is Everything


Have the right posture all the time. Walk with panache and carry A SMILE on your face to look your best. Feel confident about your look and pass a statement. Experiment with your clothing and inspire others.
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This article was written by Harshita Chawla from Delhi College of Arts & Commerce.

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