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First semester : A Bumpy Ride

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Leaving behind the memories of school, entering into a college seems like both a tough and a relieving task. Tough because 12 years of school and a box full of memories are not easy to leave behind, knowing that things won’t be the same anymore. Relieving because finally, you’re out of those prison kinda environment. But school had its own charm, isn’t it?

When we first enter into college, it looks so fascinating. Every fresher must have been excited about the fun college brings. But coming to an end of first semester, I’ve realized certain things about college or should I say happening but overrated place?

1. Your first friend won’t be your friend for long.

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The first day of college, everyone looks so amazing to hang out with. You talk to everyone around you and choose someone to hang out with. Sooner or later, you will realize that this friend is just temporary. Or maybe, just someone whom you could spend your initial days with, and when later you get to know other people, you find your true friend in someone else. You seem to lose contact with your first friend and even if you try, things won’t be the same anymore.

2. Hangouts? Not anymore

You hang out almost every other day during the starting of first semester but after having tasted almost every other cafe in Hudson or Satya, you start giving more importance to your sleep or other things in your life rather than hanging out more.

3. School friends still in touch? Maybe.

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Everyone says you leave school friends behind when you enter college. It’s partially true. You leave some of them behind, and it’s not just you, even they leave you behind and it’s not your fault. It’s the situation you’re in. You both get busy in your own lives. But there are some friends with whom you stay in touch because of the efforts that you both make for each other, they’ll stay. Your friendship won’t die.

4. Last moment study doesn’t always work.

You don’t really study in first semester, for the thrill and sudden change it brings to your life. Exams are on their way and you don’t know a thing, no notes, nothing. That’s when you realise, “Kaash shuru me pad lia hota yaar.” But then again, you swear that you’ll study from the beginning in the second semester. Second semester brings fests, you remember? Well, here comes the second semester and the joke is on us.

5. You don’t need a gang to survive in college.

When I used to think about college while in school, I used to think of having a college life like those shown in a movie, a huge gang, people around us wanting to talk to us. But after this semester, I have realised that you don’t need to have a huge gang to make your college life worth remembering. You just need two or three friends who matter to you and for whom, you matter. At the end of the day, you’ll only cherish the ones who were there with you.
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Second semester arrives in 3..2..1..

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