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Five Apps That Pique Us

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The one thing most of us like to value is our Time. Which is primarily why we prefer having apps that elucidate our busy lives. But What’s the point of having it if it’s not ‘Cool’?

So here is a list of some handpicked apps that I’ve loved or would love to experience.¬†


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what? What’s happening? The name is so intriguing it makes you wanna download it right away. Not to mention the perks of meeting new people with similar interests with whom you cross paths while your daily endeavours. Winks!! ( Pssttt. Who knows it’ll fix you up with your long time crush or that pretty girl you met at a fest- Why? You’ve never heard of meeting Soulmates out of blue? Actually me neither. But then how would we know if we don’t really try out)

apps for college students delhi university du express happn

Wattpad (Blows Horns and Saxophones) 

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We’ve always seen and read and lived and laughed and cried with books of the most famous authors around the globe. But! Have you ever wondered if people who are just a self- proclaimed writer were to scribe their own imagination, fantasies and true stories down. This app my friends is O.K. Tested. If you are an avid reader then this app will not fail you. Find Genres ranging from Romance to Horror to BDSM to Poems Everything which is waiting to blow your mind.

apps for college students delhi university du express wattpad

Jango Radio 

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Would you rather listen to Calvin Harris than your Economics Lecture. Hey! Me too 😛 Well! Then have the best top songs by our favourite Singers, EdM Producers and bands all in one app. A radio that will set you reeling, swaying your hip and tapping your feet. Why? Well! Let me show you simple merit. You’ll have quality music to surprise yourself with. Also, you get to discover new songs whom you when ‘Like’ they’ll play more frequently than the others.


Don’t give me that look. It’s a Karaoke app. See Why I think everyone should have it is because there are a plenty of apps which are oriented to cater the Extroverts or help us socialise which is again a Dandy Idea. But then why not have an app entirely for yourself. You can practice your singing skills and hone them. And if you’re a sucker at it. Then too who cares, do it for yourself.

apps for college students delhi university du express smule


My last suggestion will be this simple yet very helpful app with features like sharing your to-do list with family and friends. Adding web pages and articles to it and being able to use subtasks, files, comments and notes to make it all simpler and organised. Oh! Oh! And with your tablet and computer it is available for watches too.

apps for college students delhi university du express wunderlist

So, this where I leave you with these five elegant and employable apps suggestion.

P.S. This post is not for promotional purposes. Just a friendly suggestion to make your lives interesting. So Try them out if they’ve piqued you too.

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