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#FOMO: DU’S Campus Life Experience

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In 2020, India was engulfed by the pandemic when youngsters were enjoying their campus life. Universities all over the country were shut down and students were sent to their hometowns and were forced to abandon their exciting college life. Exuding extreme mental strength and resilience, DUites are now deluged with the #FOMO.

FOMO refers to “fear of missing out” in basic terms. FOMO means the nervous or worried feeling that a person gets when they discover they will not be attending social events or experiences that others are perceived to be having.

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When #ReopenDU seems too far, the images of the colleges trigger memories that are strange and beautiful. The recollection leaves us speechless and shove us into the evident fear of missing out.

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1) The happening campus life

The pandemic for us all can be summed up in one term, i.e.,  ‘Online classes’. Most of us who joined the University last year are yet to visit the college campuses. Certainly, we are missing out on the college fun and a lot more. We are missing enjoying eating at the college canteen and complaining about the substandard quality of food. Also, not being able to meet new people and experience the hostel or PG life, is deteriorating us of exploring new things.

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We are left bounded within the four walls of our homes, missing out the real fun of the campus life.

2) Hopping onto streets

To travel is to explore and experience new places, people and things!

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Delhi is the place to quench the wanderlust. But we are missing the metro travels, sitting in green and yellow autorickshwas or running after DTC buses. Getting ready and going out without any particular destination in mind and exploring new places had its own excitement. Exploring photogenic streets, cafes with good coffee, stalls with the spiciest momos and restaurants with tastiest chole bhature would be still on our to-do list if it wasn’t for the pandemic.

As students of DU, we would travel to explore and experience new places, people and things but are now restricted to Google Meet, Zoom App, Google Duo and Whatsaap calls.

3) The lively events of DU

The fests and elections of DU are incomparable. They are not just any cultural events or elections but a whole, big season.

The fest season and elections bring out a vibe that we students live for. Our active participation and enjoyment at this time of the year when DU is all lively and vibrant stands unparalleled. But unfortunately, elections are being cancelled and fests are turning into online meetings.

Now, we obviously can’t compare the physical essence of the societies, student unions, fests or anything else and we can all unanimously agree on this point.

We are all together in this!

While we are missing out on all the fun of the college life, which is quite depressing, it’s crucial to note that – It’s okay to fear the fear of missing out things in life. Almost everyone suffers from FOMO at some point in their lives. The uneasy feeling is typical nowadays.

Understanding the sensation and finding healthy methods to deal with it can help us be happier with our own lives without being caught up in the worry of missing out.

You can also rest easy knowing that we are all sailing the same ship – FOMO. What can we do is connect with the means available to the enjoy the life to its fullest now.

Also, read about DU life through the digital screens.

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