Hadiya Case : SC Questions Kerala High Court On Annulment Of Marriage,Says Girl Can’t Be Kept Forcibly With Father

Hadiya Case : SC Questions Kerala High Court On Annulment Of Marriage,Says Girl Can't Be Kept Forcibly With Father

On October 3rd,as court gave it’s rulings tating ‚ÄúA father can‚Äôt have control over 24-years-old girl. It might send the girl to a custodian or an organisation,‚Äù the citizens,feminists and supporters rejoiced after the hearing.

In the hearing,Chief Justice of India,Dipak Misra questioned a Kerala high court order in May that annulled the marriage between Hadiya,who converted to Islam and Shafin Jahan (her husband).

The apex court’s U-turn is another twist in the case which sparked a national controversy earlier this year.

The case started on January 25th,2016 with Hadiya’s father an ex serviceman,filing a habeas corpus writ in Kerala HC stating his daughter to be missing from the college campus.She studied Bachelor of Homeopathy and surgery.

When she was located thereafter,it was found that she had willingly converted into Islam and had joined religious institutions to study the same.After a second writ filed by her father, stating that Hadiya (Akhila before converting to Islam) did conversion on the behest of the Islamic state.Thereafter she submitted the documents to court which state her marriage to shafin jahan.
Much controversies followed in May which made court decide a ‘house arrest’ wherein she was sent to her parents house for about four month, was kept inside And absolutely no one apart from the attorney was allowed to talk.

Hadiya isn’t a normal woman,living in denial for past 6-7 months she faced house arrest in her own home,being treated as an object for raising the voice,binding her to the unjust laws of the nation which are absolutely patriarchal in nature.She hasn’t won, but justified the need of abolishing regressive and rigid outlook.

As seen,many women who come to University face such similar cases of the very infamous ‘love jihad’.Being extremely talented and educated,such boundations restrict them to an unimaginable level of patriarchy,islamophobia and brahminical outlook towards their life.


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