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What Happens When DU Happens?

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It is every student’s dream to study in one of the finest universities of the country. So, when you finally land up in one of the Delhi University colleges, the first thing you do once you’re home after completing your admission process is… breathe a sigh of relief. You’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something big and of course the feeling that you don’t have do to anything for the coming three years of your life is indescribable.

Just chilling

And when I say ‘you don’t have to do anything’ I mean it literally. The next three years of your life are going to be the most happy-go-lucky years for you. When your friends from other colleges will be grudging about their exams, you’ll be just chilling. When your friends will be worrying about their incomplete assignments, you’ll be just chilling. When your own exams will be hovering over your head like a behemoth, you’ll be surprised to know that you are still chilling. When your friends will be complaining about their short attendance and their teachers being too strict, you’ll spread your arms wide in the air and give a wicked laughter because you’ll be…..? Guess what…..? Just chilling!


Studying? Haven’t heard much about it.

Gradually you’ll realize what an overtly calm and chilled out person you’ve become. Textbooks will take a back seat in your life as the perseverant, competitive topper in you, will slowly transform into a confident, independent and style conscious person. You’ll find yourself inclined towards the nouveau trends and technology while shopping, movies and socializing will suddenly become your new thing. You will never ever get enough of the canteen food.


The good part

Moreover, you’ll be exposed to a prodigious amount of thoughts and ideas that will expand your intellect to a miraculous level where you’ll realize that just scoring well in exams isn’t what really matters but the wisdom and experience that your college helps you gain is something that’ll actually benefit you in the long run.


 ECA madness    

If you happen to be an ECA student or land up in one of the societies, then you might as well kiss everything else goodbye because the rest of your college life will revolve around your society. It will also give you a tremendous amount of exposure to hone your talent and harness your creative abilities. Most importantly, it gives you a bunch of crazy, valuable friends and oodles of blissful memories that you’d preserve for life. Being a part of an ECA society is one of the best things you could experience at DU.


You might as well feel lost and confused during your initial days with your puzzling time- table and the on and off lectures but then you’ll just blend in before you even know. So, what I’d like to tell all the DU aspirants is that you’re about to make one of the best decisions of your life. Life here at DU is fun, it’s liberating, it’s thrilling. Once you are a part of Delhi University, you’ll discover your true capabilities and become the better person you had always wished to be.
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