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It’s That Time of The Year : Semester Exams

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The final date sheet for the May-June semester exams has been released and it’s almost time for the DU students to be plunged into a state of total chaos. No one exactly knows what goes on during these two months. There are last minute rattas, late night calls to ask “kitna hogya‚,kya chhodega” and 350 unread messages on Whatsapp. Here are certain things that you should definitely expect:

  1. Chal beta selfie lele re.


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At this time you will find that one friend with a blank whatsapp dp and status and the one who uploads selfies with piles of books and tags you in every failing-this-semester meme. There’s no in between.

  1. Chaar rupaye notes ka, Kaam mera roz ka.


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The photocopy shops around the campus flourish during this time as students rush to get the notes copied from those who regularly attend classes. People finally find the motivation to buy the readings the professor had been discussing since the beginning of the semester.

  1. Sooraj dooba hai yaaron, Do ghoont coffee ke maaro.


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It doesn’t matter how many weeks ago you started studying, you will always end up bingeing on bhujia and coffee at 3 am, cramming up your texts.

  1. Ek garam chaai ki pyaali ho,Samose khilaane waali ho.


The most torturous moment of giving your exams is when the invigilator is served with tea and samosas while you are hungry and sleep-deprived, trying to spill your brains out onto the paper.

  1. Abhi to party shuru hui hai!


One thing DU students are best at is partying. Slap on your favourite dress and head out with your friends to dance away the night. An after-exam party is sure to make up for the days of being holed up inside your home.

So, gear yourself up for the semester exams. Tighten your bond with the class toppers, if you haven’t already. Stock up on Maggi packets. Draw up schedules you are unlikely to follow.But most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself. Like the wise say, test results don’t determine your intelligence (though they do keep your parents happy). All the best!

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