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Keeping your shit together during the Admission Process

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The admission process is about to begin and there is this thick air of anxiety around you that never seems to go away. Will I get into a good college? Is my percentage good enough? Will I be able to meet the cut offs? What if I don’t get a college of my choice? Will I be able to cope up? These are a few of the many questions that keep pummeling inside the head of any DU aspirant. So, to all the queasy people out there, currently biting their nails and fretting over their future, you need to take break! The entire admission process may seem quite long and debilitating. So, it’s fine for you to be worried. Here are a few tips that’ll help you keep your shit together during the gruesome, never ending process of admissions.

Stay calm. Stay smart. Stay updated.

Patience is the key. You need to be patient. Distressing and wallowing over the situation won’t make it any better neither will it give you a magical ability to mold things according to your comfort. So breathe, let it be, it’s okay. Also, stay alert and updated with all the recent happenings and changes on the university website to avoid an unwanted surprise on your big admission day. Keep a watchful eye on the latest cut offs, changes in admission patterns, details of colleges, important dates, entrance exam results etc.      stay calm

Make up your mind

Once your cut off matches with a list, don’t get all hysterical with joy. Keep the analytical part of your brain intact and think twice before filling the admission form. Be crystal clear in your head, of what you are choosing and why you are choosing. Never opt for something under any form of parental or peer pressure. Take my advice and shut those blabbering relatives out of your life for the next one month. This is solely your decision and you are the one who is going to bear the brunt of your choices later on not your Sharma/ Verma/ Malhotra uncle.

make up your mind

Back ups

No matter how high you score, always keep a back up. No matter how much you hate the fact but there are always possibilities of not getting into your desired college or course. Please don’t become all depressed and suicidal, thinking that it’s the end of your world. There are heaps of other options waiting for your attention. Explore them.backup

Don’t let the fear consume you

Have fun, party, fool around, sit idle. Do whatever the hell you want to do. This is the period you always yearned for. You successfully got out of your school life and a whole new world of possibilities awaits you. So, celebrate your accomplishments with a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer or a bunch of crazy, old friends. Spend time with your school friends because you might not see much of them in the coming years. Don’t let the fear overpower you and live your life like a reckless, carefree person.

And finally,

Never lose hope!

Always try and keep working your way around things because in the end, you’ll realize that the trouble was worth it.

never lose hope

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