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McLeod Ganj vs Goa : Why You Should Visit McLeod Ganj At Least Once During College

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With the end of the Mid-Sem break barely two weeks, one can’t help but make plans for the next college trip! While Goa famed for its freedom and liveliness is on every student’s bucket list, I think it’s time McLeod Ganj makes its way to the top. Here’s telling you why-It’s only 12 hours Away!

It’s only 12 hours away!

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Take an overnight bus and you will fall in love with late night sceneries of deserted streets, neon lights, a space to wonder and have late night talks and the scenic beauty of the valley of stars as you enter the slopes of this place.

Breath Taking Sights

Be it the snowcapped peaks or Bhagsu Falls or purple hues of the sunset skies or a clear night light up with stars, at every turn in this place, you will be filled with wonder and awe. And isn’t nature, the greatest treasure we have?

Cost Effective

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Travelling takes a toll on the pockets but each of us wants to experience as much as we can in as little expense as possible. And assuming you’re one of them, this is the place for you with cheap yet comfortable inns to stay, tax free food and where walking on foot comes naturally.

Food, Food and Food

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Be it the waffles of Illiterati Café or Rada Chicken of Shiva Café or Jimmy’s Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream or the German Bakery in Bhagsu, you will find a nook in every corner to splurge on food. Food is life and if you’re one of those people where travelling is equivalent to exploring your tastebuds, Mcleodganj is the place. Even the roadside stalls (special emphasis on Chai and omlettes) are worth a try!

Long Winding Walks

College, I personally believe stresses us in a way we are never prepared for. All we need is something to give us a sense of peace and quiet. The trek to Dharamkot or the walk to St. John‚Äôs Church is the ultimate remedy that surrounds you by serenity. It’s the kind that always evades you in the rush of fast paced city life.

Art and Culture

McLeod Ganj,being a Tibetan refuge is a place where you encounter peace, serenity and sumptuous food. You encounter beautiful, heartbreaking ways of expression. Be it the poetry of the locals or their intricate handiwork that gives you a glimpse of their way of life and all that they wish to hold on to. The Norbulingka Institute close by is a must watch.

Finding New Stories

Not only will you find stories from travelers across the world, but stories in the quaint places looked after by the Tibetans too. You will find stories in their daily struggle to sustain a life and to remember their homeland. Because you will get to explore and experience so much, you’ll find story within yourself too.

If you still don’t believe me, I challenge you to explore McLeod Ganj. For this is a place worth coming back to. This is a place you can truly call your own. A place where you will find yourself. And as cliché as it may sound, it’s true and it helps even more when you’re surrounded with the right people.

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