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Why you must not miss your first day at college.

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College is a very important phase in one’s life. The first day at college, therefore, is very important too. While some of you might be waiting for this day anxiously, there are a few people who might think that they’re too cool or are too lazy to go and attend their orientation.

The reasons why I think one must not miss their orientation are as follows:-

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1. Know your college.


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Attending the orientation will help you in knowing more about your college. You will get to know why your college was made, what is its motto and what are the rules and regulations.

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2. Know your faculty.


You will get to know the faculty of your college. I’m not just talking about the academic faculty, but also the administrative one. You will know exactly whom to go to if you have a problem in the future.

3. Know your societies.

Verve - Western Dance Society of Venky
Image source: Verve


Societies play a major role in one’s college life. So do join one. You will be introduced to the different societies in your college and will also get to witness a few performances.

4. Make friends.


Orientation is a good occasion to make friends. Do not hesitate to initiate a conversation with someone sitting beside you. Who knows, you might find your new best friend there.

5. Explore your college.


Once the orientation is over, do not rush to go back home. Go and explore your college. You can see the classrooms, library, canteen and so on. It will save you from confusion once your classes start.

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