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North Campus vs South Campus : A Never Ending Debate

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Welcome to Delhi University newbies. You are an official part of the DELHI UNIVERSITY now. So,have you decided which campus is the best- North Campus or South Campus ? This is the biggest question which you must have faced during admissions as well. This is the question whose answer no one has got yet. This is a never ending debate which you will face throughout your three years of college life in Delhi University.

According to the students of both North and South Campus,their campus is the best. Let’s discuss the merits and demerits of both the campuses. And then you can decide for yourself which one is better.


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North Campus offers the best college for commerce-SRCC. It has some of the best colleges of the university like HINDU,HANSRAJ, etc. The three oldest colleges, HINDU, RAMJAS and ST. STEPHENS which are 100 years old reside in the North Campus.
The outstation students can find affordable PG’s and Hostels inside the premises of the campus. The colleges are not scattered and are located within a close distance of each other. You get the campus feel here. All the colleges are well connected to VISHWIDALAYA or GTB NAGAR metro station. Students don‚Äôt have to face problems regarding conveyance to colleges.

North Campus offers delicious street food for all the food lovers. The college canteen of Delhi School of Economics is famous among all the students for the delicacies it provides. After college, Kamla Nagar and Hudson Lane are the most frequent places visited by students for relaxing and quenching their hunger. TOM UNCLE,MOMO’S POINT,CHACHE DI HATTI in Kamla Nagar; BIG YELLOW DOOR,QD’s in Hudson Lane and BHEL PURI at Patel Chest are renowned places every North Campus student can boast about. Kamla Nagar provides excellent and finger licking street food. If you want to satisfy your palate at a fine restaurant, then Hudson fulfills your demand.

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The only thing where the campus lags behind is that it does not have many shopping places. In north campus you only have Kamla Nagar which does not offer a wide range of clothes. So if you want to buy some good clothes then you will have to pay a visit to CP or Sarojini Nagar market.


If north campus has SRCC, south has LSR and Venky. The colleges have recently been renovated so the infrastructure is eye-catching. The colleges are scattered and some are not even well-connected with the metro stations. If you want to experience university life,then north is a better option. This is one reason why students assume north campus is better than south. And even though they get a good college in south they prefer north.

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South Campus provides a variety of food hubs for the students. SATYA NIKETAN opposite to Sri Venkateswara College aka Venky is the most popular hangout destination among the students. This place presents a variety of restaurants like BIG YELLOW DOOR, QD’s, CHOCOLATE ROOM, SCOOTER ON THE WALL etc. They not only have a splendid ambience but also provide mouth-watering cuisines. Canteens of LSR, KAMALA NEHRU AND PGDAV are quite popular among the students. The bhel puri stall outside LSR gives competition to that of Hindu College.
South Campus has many famous places like Sarojini, Satya Niketan, Lajpat Nagar and Hauz Khas Village. Even North campus students stroll in Sarojini for purchasing clothes.

Accommodation in south is quite expensive as compared to that of north. South campus is a more posh area. So PG’s have higher prices here.

What Students Have Got To Say?

North Campus is better because there are mostly students around. The crowd is very healthy and competitive. As the colleges are near, one can anytime visit his friends in the nearby college” says Heena Priya,a student of Daulat Ram College pursuing English Honours.

According to Aquib Akhter,South Campus is better. He doesn’t mind being in an off campus college. He loves the food available in Satya Niketan. As his world revolves around food,Satya Niketan is heaven for him. Aquib is a student of PGDAV and is pursuing B.COM Honours.

The fight continues. We will never know which campus is better. Well some questions are better left unanswered.

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