MY STORY: The journey from a DU aspirant to a DU-ite


Cheers to those who managed to crack DU in the first cut off list of 2016. Indeed, it’s a big achievement. Greater Kudos to those who still have high spirits and are positive on becoming a part of one of India’s prestigious universities. I completely understand your state of mind and what you are going through at this point of time in your life.

Today, I’m pursuing Journalism Hons. from Delhi University and I’m a proud KNCite. The year before, I was in your position. All the trauma, pressure, stress that you are undergoing right now was my true companion till the admission drama got over. “Arey tujhe toh DU mil hi jaega”, “you’ll be a topper for sure”, “you get the college of your choice very easily”, “tum mujhe proud karaogi” were `remarks that I had got used to by the end of school. Finally, D-Day arrived. I checked my result. I scored fairly well (94.25%) but I guess it wasn’t sufficient for becoming a DU girl. Optimism came naturally from my maternal lineage I think. But it’s not good to be overconfident you know. I tried my hand at other universities too and was successful.001

All this while was desperately waiting for the first cut off list. At midnight, I checked the list and the rest of the nights were sleepless. At points, I tried to relax myself and go with the flow but just the other moment, I would turn restless, unable to control the thoughts overflowing in my mind. The expectations and reality did not coincide and the fear of failure rose by each passing cut off. Like a fish, that’s fluttering in water and without it too, I was in a terrible dilemma whether to join another university or continue to be hopeful of getting a “DU ka college”.

The trends, as it seemed, weren’t favourable as the dips in cutoffs moved “Kachuye ki chaal”. When there is a large gap in the cut offs, it doesn’t pinch you so much but when you lose out on your dream college but 0.5%, that’s when reality hits really hard upon you. After 4 lists without any success, I doubted my chances of even getting a college (good college toh door ki baat hai). Since I was sure of doing Journalism, my options were limited. “Upar se DU bhi 5 colleges mein hi journalism offer karta hai, Meri toh kismat hi phooti thi”. But again, my family and parents were so supportive that I had accepted the idea of joining another university.

Ab aaya kahani mein twist when the 5th cut off was to be released on my first day of orientation at another university. I took a chance, I swear.A day before the cutoff, I checked the KNC website late in the evening. Fortunately, the list was already out. As i scrolled through the courses, my heart was in my mouth and my fingers crossed. The much awaited “OMG” moment finally arrived. For a second, I was still and silent, letting this news sink in. The cut off had dipped to 93.5% in the 5th list. I heaved a sigh of relief. The very next day, Kamala Nehru College became “My College”. My happiness knew no bounds.003

Even today when I sit back and think about it, I still feel that numbness and shrill of joy in my spine.The adrenaline rush till the first day when DU actually began, I just couldn’t believe if it was less than a miracle.

This Is What Happened When Du Happened.



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