The Rise Of Meme Culture And The Gradual Fall Of Humanity

The Rise Of Meme Culture And The Gradual Fall Of Humanity

According to Google, a meme is an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations in their own versions. It is, in fact, a trending culture nowadays where at times your friendship is measured with the number of memes you tag your friends in. Most obviously memes were created by some random lazy procrastinator sitting at his desk, impeccably good at jokes, trying to make fun of one of his friends and unknowingly created an internet sensation that now is a medium to find happiness in small things and of course make fun of certain things.

But the problem arises when the so called harmless culture of memes turns into an ugly game of racism and body shaming majorly. The hidden reality of these jokes comes in the forefront when they start hurting the mass’ sentiments. A random picture of a black person, someone fat or really skinny or even a transgender is shared among the various social media platforms without any permission with a caption of ‚Äòtag a specific person you want to them to marry‚Äô and other things and we the social media freaks go on sharing and liking, tagging these photos and thus encouraging such unseemly content. ¬†These posts are pathetic and disturbing as well. The inappropriate message these posts give out to the public is totally neglected.

After all, making fun of someone’s insecurities is wrong and being the receiver is even worse. It does nothing but shows the extreme insensitivity and shallowness of the people. How stone hearted have we become to use other people‚Äôs short comings to keep ourselves entertained. Who is perfect? Who gave the definition of being perfect? Every person is unique and different and that doesn‚Äôt mean you drag them to the public platforms and make them a subject of ridicule. Why have we stooped to such low levels to mock people who are only slightly different from us and for what joy? ¬†. You unknowingly scar that person‚Äôs life by doing so. You don‚Äôt know how much a person might have suffered in the process which gives them a life time of embarrassment and humiliation that might affect them mentally and psychologically. Using someone‚Äôs skin color and body shape to provide you few moments of LOLs is really unbecoming of us as a human race. Memes comparing people on any hurtful grounds aren’t what should be on social Medias

If you think tagging your friends in such memes makes you look cool, let me tell you, IT IS NOT COOL.  You just make a fool out of yourself on the internet. So, please be a little kinder, people.


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