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The Initial Struggle of Being a JMC-ite

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Day one certainly keeps you in a great turmoil,
And you soon realise that here you need to toil.

When your alma mater was a co-ed,
You’ll be fascinated by Sri Venkateshwara instead.

Seniors here eradicate all the conventional notions of being rude,
The idea of arguing with them can never make you a dude.

Initially you feel like you’re back in a school,
Deliberations about entering JMC makes you feel like a fool.

Girls you encounter have distinctive personalities,
Then you engage yourself in shy formalities.

Teachers dictate you non-stop tasks,
It’s enough to make you wish for invisible masks.

The attendance issue can never amuse,
Indeed you’ll find out that missing classes is again of no use.

But you realise that events in JMC are worth exalting,
And you cannot possibly resist public boasting.

Now I know there’s nothing in college that one can criticise,
Rather just being a part of it is a blessing in disguise.

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