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Types Of People In A Classroom

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When you first arrive, college can seem like a total zoo. There are countless types of people you’ve never seen before, each more ridiculous than the last, and, without a keen discerning eye, it can be impossible to distinguish between the lions and the leeches of college life.

Going to college, I’ve come to the realization that you’ll either have to manage or have to stay away from college. I’ve come across different types of people in class and each one of them adds a fun element.

1. Nerds -

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These kind of species are mostly found attending all the classes on the face of this earth. When free, they’re found either in library or somewhere alone, engrossed in a book. I’ve realized that they are really very important. Who’s going to give you the notes, otherwise?

2.¬†Carefree –

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These kind of species are not found in the college. If found, they sit on the last benches, sleeping in the classes, talking on the phone, scribbling on the benches and snapping the friends. They add fun to the class, found mostly arguing with teachers about anything and everything. But,

3. Fashion Blunders –

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There’s always this one boy or girl whose fashion sense everyone admires. Everyone admires them so much that they look at them, back and forth.

I hope you realize that I’m being extremely sarcastic here.


4. Mass Bunk? Hell No! –

There are always some students who are pain in the arse when it comes to mass bunks. Or maybe otherwise too. They are always so much up for attending all the classes. Just one question, Itna kon pareshan karta hai ghar me jo roz roz college aana padta hai?

5. They are in our class? - 

They’re middle benchers, not toppers, brutally single ¬†people. They are the ones who just fill the class. You don’t know most of them, but they are there. You might discover some of them at your convocation too.

6.¬†Hawabaaz –

DU has an ample of hawabaaz, though still less than those of Amity University.

Agar Pakistan ki GDP se zyada udhar liye chal rahe ho, to hawabaaz ho tum.

Agar aapki saari classes canteen me lagti hai, to hawabaaz ho tum.

Agar group project ki responsibility leke gayab ho jaate ho, to hawabaaz ho tum.

Yes, ZNMD reference, you got that right.

Image Credits-9GAG


7. Messiah –

There’s always this one person who does all the work in assignments and gets no credit at the last. Truly, a Messiah for the whole group.


So, which one is you?

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