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Russia Successfully Tests Vaccine For COVID-19

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While ERORR 404 continued to hover over the cure, the Russian Federation successfully tested a vaccine for COVID-19. The Sechenov University situated in Moscow has completed the trial phase with success.

'Completed trial of COVID-19 vaccine', claims Russian embassy
Image Source: Russia

As per the reports of TASS, Russia’s largest news agency, the research on the vaccine began at the Sechenov University on June 18, 2020, when a group of 18 volunteers was vaccinated and another group of 20 on June 23 2020. However, these volunteers will remain under medical supervision on an out-patient basis. Russia successfully tested the vaccine for COVID-19 on Sunday.

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“The research has been completed and it proved that the vaccine is safe. We will discharge the volunteers on July 15 and July 20,” chief researcher Elena Smolyarchuk told TASS.

Russia is currently fourth on the COVID-19 tally with more than 7 lakh confirmed cases and about 11,335 deaths. The Republic of India overtook the Russian Federation as the third worst-hit nation in the COVID-19 tally on June 5 2020. The United States, Brazil, India, and Russia now occupy the four spots on the COVID-19 tally.

Human Challenge Trial: Successfully Tested Vaccine For COVID-19

This document outlines the norms of vaccine development in reference to the ‘Human Challenge Trial’.
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Human challenge trials are trials in which participants are intentionally challenged (whether or not they have been vaccinated) with an infectious disease organism. This challenge organism may be close to wild-type and pathogenic, adapted, and/or attenuated from wild-type with less or no pathogenicity, or genetically modified in some manner. In addition, ethics in such clinical trials include “minimizing risks to subjects and maximizing

Subsequently, various research institutes and companies are at the forefront of developing a vaccine against the novel coronavirus. These include the University of Oxford and the Jenner Institute, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, Tongji Hospital, and American biotech company Moderna.

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