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What You Should Know about the Big Bash League SRL

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The KFC BBL, 2022-23 season, has already commenced and is gaining attention from various countries worldwide. Inspired by the popular IPL games in India, the BBL has generated many views, and punters from all over the world are enjoying the tournament’s turnout, wagering on their favourite teams as the game progresses.

With digitalization at its peak, the simulated Reality League of the original BBL game is available for punters throughout the games and even after. The Big Bash SRL is a simulated version of the popular Australian Big Bash League and can be played digitally both in a pre-match and live format.

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In this article, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of how the Big Bash SRL works and how you can leverage it to place bets and enjoy your favourite games.

How the Big Bash Simulated Reality League (SRL) Works

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The Big Bash Simulated Reality League uses AI and machine learning tools to generate realistic matches based on team statistics from a wide range of Big Bash cricket matches.

Based on this, artificial intelligence simulates cricket matches to make them more authentic. The Big Bash SRL is exceptionally close to real-life live streaming of the Australian Cricket League. Based on this data, bettors can access the league table positions, scores, and other information. As a result, the SRL matches are not random and can be predicted in the same way regular cricket can.

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In addition, the league table is as detailed as the original BBL table and comprises the tournament’s current teams.

Betting on the Big Bash Simulated Reality League (SRL)

As lovers of the Big Bash League, what could be more thrilling than betting on SRL cricket in the middle of the season? That’s right, nothing! It’s a fantastic way to earn extra money while having some fun. If you have previously bet on real-life cricket events, you will be fine betting on Big Bash SRL.

Essentially, there are two ways you can go about this:

Live Big Bash SRL Betting

In this case, you must keep an eye on the Simulated Reality League cricket live score and place your wagers while the game is still in progress. Live betting is highly entertaining because you can watch the simulation, predict outcomes, and place bets as the game progresses.

SRL Pre-Match Betting

When selecting this option, you should focus on the pre-match odds and place a bet on your favourite team.

Major Betting Markets for the Big Bash SRL

There are a variety of markets you can wager on in the Big Bash SRL. However, the popular markets include betting on a winner, a draw, or the team with the top batter.

Bet on the Winner

Your objective is to predict the winner of the match. In simulated reality, as in real-world cricket, one team is more likely to win than the other. Examine the odds for both teams, keep an eye on the live score, and place a wager. If your prediction is correct, you win your bet.

Tied Game

When two teams finish a match with equal points, the game is called a tie. As a result, no one wins. You can bet on whether or not it will happen in any simulated reality league.

Total Number of Runs by Players

When you select this type of bet, you are wagering on the overall runs scored by a particular cricketer. This wager is made in an “over/under” format in relation to the number of runs predicted by the sportsbook.


The Big Bash SRL’s popularity is increasing, and it’s another way to enjoy the ongoing KFC Big Bash League. In addition, the SRL is not limited to the Australian competition. You can also engage with the IPL SRL and other SRL leagues available in the cricket world.

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