Why Journalism after Class 12th?


Gone are the days when every second person was an engineer or doctor. ‚ÄúAaj ki generation hatke hai‚Äù. Come on guys, all of you are tech-savvy and updated with the latest trends. Then why such a laid back attitude towards your own career. “Agar aware ho toh pata hoga” that journalism is trending these days. But that’s not it. Journalism ¬†is all about writing and writing, is that what you think? Then you are highly mistaken my friend,you can‚Äôt imagine how wide a field you are entering once you take up journalism.

Here are some reasons why you should keep journalism as a top preference and not just a ‘backup option’-

The Special Six

Yes, just like Special 26, there are only 6 colleges of Delhi University that offer this course namely, Lady Shri Ram College For Women(LSR) , Kalindi College For Women, Maharaja Agrasen College, Kamala Nehru College (KNC) and Delhi College Of Arts and Commerce (DCAC).The last one,IP college For Women , is the only college that offers the multi-faceted Bachelors of Multimedia and Mass Communication ( BMMMC). So “hai na yeh kamaal ki cheez”?


Internship Le Lo

Aur suno! There is no dearth of internships in this course.It literally seems like a vegetable market with several companies and media organisations offering internships, paid and unpaid. “Jab Pol Science and History Hons. waale pareshaan ho rahe honge” for internships,all you would need to do is sit back and enjoy because internships toh bhot saari already available hai.An Internship along with enhancing your CV, it would also not let you get bored during the summer break.


Enjoy the Buffet

Wondering where did food step in from? Well,well, I‚Äôm not talking about food.It’s the buffet of choices and areas that you could take up during your internship or after graduation. If you have had the flair for writing,join any print publication,be it a newspaper,magazine,journal etc.Agar tumhare ¬†andar chupa hai investigation ka keeda then reporting in any news channel will be your thing.The technocrats and facebook/ twitter addicts,not to worry, aapke liye bhi journalism pesh karte hain¬†online media platforms, especially the ones run entirely by students (just like ours). And not to forget,advertising and public relations,our very own radio jockeys and the list is endless.

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In The Making

What would be a better feeling than looking at the same newspaper you saw getting printed just the other day or watching the television news that just got recorded in your presence. Jaise Cricket match live dekhne ka mazaa hi kuch aur hota hai in the same way iski bhi alag hi feel hoti hai! You’ll always be ahead of people and believe me it’d be a great experience.


The Byline Swag

Did you ever  think your feature or report would be read by scores of people across the nation? Nahi,then get used to it because journalism mein toh byline ka swag hai! The byline is  just a phrase but once your name finds its way there,aap honge aage and zaamana hoga peeche.


Everyday an adventure

Travelling across the globe,life would be a roller coaster, though you still have a long way to go before you step into this crazy adventurous lifestyle where work would no more be a desk job, but a challenge,an opportunity every moment making your heart pace and lungs pump faster and louder.


Journalism has much more to offer than you think.Mind You,it’s a not a child‚Äôs play to be a journalist but if you‚Äôve got the spark and passion to reach out to people and become ‚ÄúThe Voice‚Äù then¬†kripya aap apne talent ka upyog karein aur ussey kisi sarkari naukari mein na waste karein.¬†

Ab samjhe  journalism karne se kuch nahi, bahut kuch hoga.

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